The frequently asked questions (FAQs) address both public housing and HUD-assisted private Multifamily properties. Press Room HUD/REAC Certified – Certification# MD9595. Contact Us REAC Inspections "RTO" (Return to Operations) ... New from HUD on Sep 30, 2020 ! Be prepared for any upcoming REAC inspection by performing your own Pre-REAC inspections and getting an accurate HUD REAC score. 3.3%. Austin, TX 78704, ©2018 Southwest Housing Compliance Corporation. Building Systems 4. These are “REAC Inspections”, and are intended to ensure that the property is safe and suitable for occupancy. By making this data available to everyone, it … HUD has scheduled a conference call on August 12, 2020 for all the REAC inspectors to presumably discuss Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and any new safety protocols. If the score was between 60 and 79, the property will be … Your site staff should be educated about REAC inspections and urged to appreciate the importance of them. Our reports include detailed deficiency reports, unit reports, housekeeping reports, and exigent reports. This would include properties with existing failing or poor performing previous scores … If a property receives a score of 31 or lower, it is referred to the HUD Department of Enforcement Center for further action. Section 230 directs HUD to take certain procedural steps when certain multifamily housing projects score 59 or less on the REAC physical inspection. Notification to Owner After Failed Score. The Uniform Physical Condition Standards and Physical Inspection Requirements along with the REAC Compilation Bulletin are helpful resources to assist you in determining the validity of your case. About 20,000 such inspections are conducted each year to ensure that assisted families have housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and in good repair. There is only one site, so the one and only Site sub-area score will also be the Site area score. REAC Inspections are scored using a scale of 1 to 100. The results of all REAC inspections from 2001 through 2019 are available for download by the public and property owners through the HUD website. There are three letters (A-C) that may follow the score, in addition to an *. Her favorite motto with her HUD clients is: “The more you understand, the higher you’ll score, the less you’ll see REAC inspectors, and the happier the tenants will be!” Additionally, Kathi conducts Quality Assurance inspections on all phases of new construction to ensure code compliance for litigation prevention and defense. Share this Article: Related Posts. Find HUD-Subsidized Housing Near You. A passing score for a REAC Physical Inspection is 60 or above. Mr. Vargas explained with a PowerPoint presentation on how REAC is planning to phase properties into inspections, with their initial focus being Multifamily HUD properties most in need of inspections. HUD's new standard provides PHAs and private owners of HUD assisted housing 14 calendar days' notice before an inspection. The HUD REAC has centralized the collection of electronic data used in the assessment of all HUD housing. REAC Inspections with Instant Scoring. Agency Comments and Our Evaluation\t69 If the REAC score was 90 or above, the property gets a three-year break until the next one. Site 2. Kay Ravenscraft: Kay has completed over 100,000 UPCS PHA annual inspections. Inspections include five components, and some are weighted more heavily than others: 1. HUD s Key Rental Programs Rely on REAC Physical Inspection Scores as Part of Their Monitoring and Enforcement Processes\t50. HUD officials made this decision after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Read the Series → 62,418. In previous correspondence with REAC leadership, they made it clear that safety would come first and this notice sets that promise to practice. Also, a Dwelling Units sub-area score is calculated for each inspected unit. Have you ever wondered where all those REAC Inspection scores are stored? HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center conducts physical property inspections of properties that are owned, insured or subsidized by HUD, including public housing and multifamily assisted housing. HUD assesses the physical condition of all HUD-related multifamily projects. HUD’s Physical Inspection Scoring 2.1 provides a detailed explanation of the definitions, values, weights and criticality levels used in scoring. 12.23.2020 Scott Precourt | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance REAC Inspections. Transition Year 2 PHAS scores for PHAs with fiscal year ending 06/30/09, 09/30/09, 12/31/09 and 3/31/10 will be issued via email from prior to 09/30/2010. Whether you are a professional UPCS or Pre-REAC Inspection consultant or a property management company looking to improve your REAC scores, InspectCheck helps you prepare for your inspections by showing you how … REAC and UPCS. On September 29, 2020, HUD REAC Released Inspector Notice 2020-01, detailing inspection protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mass and score reports are also available. Public Housing . One consultant reports a 98% success rate on appeals, boasting over 2500 … If you have questions relative to these inspections, please contact your local HUD Multifamily Office. Inspired by our fifteen plus years of experience in new construction and defect litigation, our Pre-REAC inspections focus on the same UPCS defects and utilizes the same scoring model that HUD implements to accurately estimate scores. I … Physical Inspections (REAC) During a Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) physical inspection, a Notification of Exigent and Fire Safety hazards Observed Citation will be provided, if applicable. Sub-area scores are calculated for each building for the inspectable areas of Building Exterior, Building Systems and Common Areas. Instructions to Inspectors