About Us

Wayne Layton is an experienced multilines insurance agent who has helped hundreds of clients by maximizing their insurance protection while minimizing their costs.

Recently Wayne merged his agency with Cornerstone Insurance Group. Formerly Wayne spent twenty two years as the founder and President of Allstar Insurance Group. This new partnership has not only improved customer service by increasing the support staff, but also has increased his ability to negotiate price breaks and offer additional benefits to clients due to the combined premium volume.

Garage liability has been an area that Wayne has specialized in for a number of years. The automotive industry has many unique exposures that can be covered at a minimal cost. Unfortunately, agents that are not familiar with these types of risks may offer a policy that leaves the customer unnecessarily exposed.

Problem solving is one of Wayne’s strengths. Some Insurance companies are quick to cancel a policy due to a claim or unforeseen circumstances. On other occasions an Insurance company may deny a claim because of a technicality or due to a different under-standing of a particular loss. Through the years Wayne has been highly successful in acting as a mediator on behalf of his clients to help them get their claims resolved in a fast and fair manner.

Wayne has been married to his college sweetheart for 26 years. They have three children who have a dog, a cat, two lizards, two gold fish, and anything else they drag home from the County Fair that survives the trip and gets past Mom.