Jenny’s bakery cookies WOW me. 8 Best Cookies in Singapore – Where To Find Sinfully Good Cookies February 7, 2020 by Phyllis Leong / Comment (1) One of the best things in life is undeniably indulging in a cookie full of decadent filling that oozes and melts in your mouth. Dairy cream from the French provinces of Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres, Vienne and Vendée form the foundation of the product. So yummy and delicious!! We had it planned in our gal’s shopping trip to HK, Jenny’s cookies is a MUST that we make sure we grab it on this trip. *_*. Now, so glad that it is here in Singapore and not only for Mid Autumn, but FOREVER & EVER!! Offer. Initially, I thought it was just a tourist hype or something but when I ate their cookies I really fell in love with them. I remember in oct 2013 I went to Hong Kong with hubby and friends. I love the Jenny Bakery container-my favorite teddy bear theme! JENNY BAKERY- My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery is when all people are RAVING about how good their cookies tasted and how badly I tried to get but still couldn’t get my hands on them, a kind person offered me some to try! My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery is my neighbour whole family went to Hong Kong for holiday, when she back bought us each neighbours a tins of round cookies which I comments it is sooo beautiful bear on the tin. We took our time to choose what we wanted and the shop people were friendly. Please remember to eat well and sleep early. Would love to own another one!! My fondest memory of Jenny cookies is that i got the cookies from hong kong from my best friend and after i have it, i really love the cookies as it have really tasty buttery taste and now i am craving that after i have see this!! When my cousin passed me a tin when she went to HK early this year, to me in my mind it’s just a normal tin of cookies. The smell of the cookies lingers in your mouth and the aroma wafts into your nose even if you’re a distance away. Is it that difficult to buy one? The dairy is then washed to remove any trace of acidic flavour, and later beat to develop a creamy, even texture. We went to Jenny bakery to make my first ever purchase of the cookies after my colleague let me tried. Since then, each trip to Hong Kong, a visit to Jenny’s Bakery is a MUST! My fondest memory was keeping the bear tin, which was a gift from my best friend when she went to HK 2 years back. I like how the cookies smell and taste so good, and use no preservatives. It’s sisters’ love. The peanut butter makes an appearance with it’s chocolate pal in these crisp, almond cookies. So one day I was home and saw the tin of cookies so I open it up. My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery was a few years back when I wento Hong Kong for a holiday. So Miss Tam Chiak! Hopefully I can win a small tin of biscuits for the children. I remembered how cautious i was when i first opened the tin (to prevent any scratches on it) when the buttery fragrance hit me and made me literally drool. Just one bite and it’s forever love. We went hong kong few years ago & bgt some.Hope can win this round. As long as I get to sink my teeth on the little heavenly cookies again. If you’ve been to Junction 8 these few days, you probably have seen how crazy the crowd is at their pop-up store. This certified organic butter is made with cream from cows not treated with antibiotics or added growth hormones. Nowadays it’s always like a MUST buy thing whenever i visit Hong Kong or I heard any of my friends who went there. When we were in HK recently in July , my husband , 2 kiddos (4 yo and 1 yo) queued together to get our hands on these awesome cookies ! While some of us simply can't live without butter, the rest of us are too health-conscious to enjoy it. They were so delicious that I immediately looked around the tin to find the brand and its information. , To be honest, I have not heard of Jenny Bakery until the recent hype. But while waiting in q, we had our own family bonding moments. The brand sticks to centuries-old techniques to create its butter. Just like yesterday, the queue started forming at 4.30pm when the sale only starts at 7pm. And i follow suit as I am very attracted to the teddy bear tins and bought 2! It is with appreciation and generosity that you and Jenny Bakery have reach out and share to us readers for this giveaway. Reading your blog is always one of the most enjoyable things I do every other day. She immediately said, ” I want!!!”. He said “Mummy, NICE, can I have another one?” I hope to win this for my son. After we bought the cookies, I immediately indulge in it and it was not only melt in the mouth but melt in the heart too. When we reach, we were overwhelmed by the long Q even before the shop is open.. We joined in the Q and waited for about an hour before we got in to the shop. Will always get it when im in Hong Kong..sometimes when i have craving on these cookies, i will ask friends who are heading to Hong Kong or even one of my hong kong friend to get it for me.. now, its gonna be in Singapore, i can buy it as and when i have cravings on these cookies. of course we didnt have to coz Mummy kiasuly bought 3 tins.. And I am so glad that Aunty Jenny is going to open a outlet here. YES, IT’S CONFIRMED! Pure pleasure indulging in these cookies My memories is my hubby proposed to me with Jenny Cookies, knowing how i much i miss it since i went HK… i was munching and found a ring in it… hope i can win this and share the biscuits / cookies with him, My fondest memory of Jenny’s bakery is ,.I went to HK 3yrs back with my besties, we queue for quite awhile and I remember I bought 8boxes of 4mix(large)and I carried the 2 bages and walked a few street. Please let me win to counter off my disaapointment and make me happy. And they love it too. Reminiscing about this already make me want to sink my teeth into this fragrant bites. So many aunties tried to buy the slot right in front of us but being kiasu / kiasee sg peeps we politely refused – in case the people behind came to bash us up hahaha. The newly opened tin of cookies was almost empty by the time we cleaned up to leave for home. Cheers, it all started when one of my friend brought back for me when she was in Hong Kong. Creams rest for about 18 hours before being churned to allow the butter’s full flavour and aroma to shine through. However looking at these past few days queues….. I’m not hopeful . . The fondest memory I had of Jenny Cookies was how my exchange friends and I would struggle to stop ourselves from polishing off the whole box of cookies!! I heard J8 is selling it but there is long queues and always get sold out fast! I have not tried Jenny bakery yet. . Please….. 给我的 nephew Jenny cookies 吧! It’s fresh, it’s texture is so crisp, and the fragrance of it, just astonishing ! Hope to win it! But not all dairy products are made equal. And since it was an impromptu trip, i didnt research, and i kept having the thought that it was in macau. I really hope to be able to get it and get a taste of these marvellous cookies that everyone is talking abt! (if not I will start queuing when they are hereeeee yay ). Now he already resigned and went back to Hong Kong. Joining the super long queue in HongKong to curb my craving for this super yummy cookies!! By the time we got back to Singapore, I finished one whole tin myself! Definitely good not only for breakfast but for any time of the day. Since my hubby have tried it before, he knew the value of it. It’s hard to describe how heavenly these cookies are. My son relocated abroad for work. I smile and i love it immefiately! I remember that Jenny’s Cookies were what my mum bought for me when I was feeling so down, because I was going through so much stress in school and managing a load of extra curricular work. Over the years Jenny Bakery had grown so popular that the qeue is never ending. My fondest memories is queuing very very long for the biscuit and feeling very sad when I was left with the last piece.. Can I not queue for this time pls?? We only know the biscuits are very yummy the children love it Alot. Hope i have chance to win and try more pieces. I was attracted by teddy bear biscuit tin design, my family members loves it too especially the coffee flavor cookies. We circled the building many times and finally found the shop inside the building (we thought it would be seen from the outside). When I showed and asked her, “Do you want this tin of Bear Bear cookies?”. And in fact it was just this year in June. That was the first time I had such yummy cookies. JENNY BAKERY IS COMING TO SINGAPORE! Now we are happily married for 2 years with the teddy bear metal tin keeping some of the keepsakes we had during our dating days. They said, its the experience that counts. I still remember that moment till this day. When I finally passed a tin to my grandparents, the satisfactory smiles on their face were a reward for carrying the heavy luggage up and down the stairs. I still keep the teddy tins to remember the moments and we really miss the buttery goodies! Finally they are here! But when I ate the Jenny bakery, baby loved it and no nauseous feeling at all! I have not tried this before and heard it was fantastic. , This is my favorite cookies from Hong Kong since eons ago! I have seen it in Jenny cookies website to double confirm my query. Love, Kent” I immediately teared. Now Singaporeans do not have to flock to Hong Kong to get these awesome cookies, yay! If you love cookies, you must not miss on trying this yummy and nice homemade cookies. Oh there are many flavours but the Butter Biscuits is still No.1, I get to noe Jenny bakery thru FB so after when I noe tt we able to try it as it arrives at Singapore for selling but yet still unable to get it … this is e first time I trying as nv been to Hong Kong before soo really hope to win n taste it for e first time…. It was very nice and I loved them. I hope to win this so I can try it for the first time.:). Hi there!! Fighting. When she came back, she came back with a box of Jenny cookies and a note from my son: “Dear Mum, sorry I haven’t called. This is the best butter cookie I have ever eaten! In Hong Kong, we have to queue in the cold in order to buy a tin home to share with our family. American butter is usually around 80 percent fat, although the exact amount varies from brand to brand. I love the raisin oats cookies too. I’m sure my family will love to try them too. After about 2 hours, it was our turn and I too got excited. My daughter is at that awkward age where she is so picky over food and refuses to try anything new. Knowing that I could make my ah ma happy made me feel really warm inside. All my family members love it at the first bite! I was like “What’s so special about these cookies?” They looks pretty normal like other cookies in the bakery lo. On our first anniversary , my boyfriend returned home from his work trip with Jenny’s Bakery in his hands! The fondest memory. Be rest assured that the goodies that you receive are no longer than 3 days old! The butter-making process involves churning cream for two and a half hours, which imparts a velvety texture and bold hazelnut flavour to the product. This colleague of mine and I then became good friends, always on the lookout to try good food to introduce each other! Really fell in love with the cute cookies? Question: “what’s so special?” That was also when I first had a taste of the legendary cookies which I did not know was famous till I ate it. But well, being Singaporeans and being Kiasu, I decided to queue for it anyway, since it was highly recommended by friends who have tried it, and our Hong Kong friends raved about it as well. Can i bring 1 tin home? So glad that Jenny Bakery is coming to Singapore, I do not have to carry so many tins back to Singapore anymore in the future whenever I’m in HK. I’ve never encounter a time where they have all tins available. If the queue is so long here and in hk, then it must be really good!! But we were quite lucky because there was no queue when we got to the shop! I have heard so much about Jenny’s bakery in Hong Kong but was never given a chance to try it. I would love to try and share this together with my 3 nephews! IT’S CRAZY! My fondest (& only) memory of those biscuits, was while on holiday with a group of my girlfriends last year! The yummy and delicious cookies bring back good memories in have of my Hong Kong frd and the time she accompany me looking for Jenny bakery and queuing for it. Hahaha.. Hope I could win one box! I rmbed it was the last day of our trip when we happened to pass by the Jenny Bakeru outlet at Tim tsah tsui. Thank you. but would love to win a box as I am certain they would be yummy ??❤️. 01: Antoinette The latest Antoinette “Singapura” Cookie Tin, which consists of six special flavours made from local and premium ingredients are perfect for gifting this Chinese New Year. The moment the tin was opened, the fragrance from the butter cookies filled up the place.. I am one of those who doesn’t mind queuing hours for food if it’s good, but doesn’t mean others are like me! Hi Misstamchiak, I’ve been to HK a couple of time but have always missed Jenny Bakery as it’s inconvenient for my family to join in the queue with me. My room mate went to get a box for me and queued for some time and was limited by no of boxes and gave it to me. My fondest memories of the cookies are that they really do taste like little drops of heaven! I hope I will get some luck in the lucky draw. Cowhead Butter Cookies - Green Tea ... No Brand Cookies - Butter. Thanks for organizing giveaway of this delicacy. Since then, all the Nuffies fell in love with it and couldn’t keep our hands off the cookie jar XD it was like fastest fingers first hahaha! Hope can get one more tin and share with them!! I have always wanted to try Jenny cookies in Hong Kong. Since one person only can purchase 2 large tins of the cookies. The queue was so long! Unfortunately, by the time i reached, it was already sold out! My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery is the wafting smell of freshly made cookies. So we guess it should be reseller. Fondest memory – a surprise gift from a family friend who bought for us when she visited Hong Kong ? I have not heard abt Jenny’s cookies before this post. From the way people describe it i cannot be missed and I love cookies, cakes and icecream. =D. My sister in law introduced me to Jenny Bakery when I made a trip to Hong Kong few years back. We bought the maximum no. Come across this when i saw a repost from friend and what caught my attention is the blogger nane: ms. Tam chiak!! Enduring the super long queues to have my hands on the yummylicious melt-in-my-mouth cookies! Still missing the taste of Jenny’s cookies, hope I have the chance to taste it again from this giveaway as I don’t have the luxury of time to queue at bishan with 2 little babies at home. How much fonder can the memory get, knowing that the tin of Jenny Bakery Cookies probably melted the heart (and stomach) of the sweetest wife (then girl friend) in the world! But… After the long wait in the queue in HK, even if they only left with the 8 mix tins, I would still grab their 8 mix tins and go. Jenny Bakery originally opened in Stanley in 2005 as a normal bakery, but soon started focusing on its highly successful cookies. I was like MIND BLOWN!!! When I put it into my mouth, ?? I heard from my friend how yummy it is.. This is my fondest memory of Jenny Bakery and it has become part of my habit to get my friends travelling to Hong Kong to tompang for me when they go there, and I’m more than excited to hear that it’s actually in Singapore! Pls let me be one of the winner to win this tin of cookies. , Last Christmas, I have received a Christmas gift from my cousin and it was my first ever teddy cookies from Jenny Bakery! Love it & definitely worth my time queuing for it! I kid you not. By chance I came across Miss Tam Chiak’s blog and found out about this stranger, Jenny Bakery and it’s contest. However with the #YOLO mindset we decided to queue anyway, despite seeing the queue snake from inside the unassuming building in Tsim Sha Tsui to the pavement outside. In return of her efforts I finished every bits and crumbs. Fondest memory of Jenny Bakery the smooth buttery taste that melts in the mouth. Hello! My fondest memories of Jenny’s cookies are its buttery,melt in the mouth texture of its short bread & flower cookies. I really hope I am one of the lucky winners. Not exactly a fan of cookies, I guess. Fondest memory was seeing the lovely Jenny Bakery cookies and thinking of it for days since I saw it on my friend’s facebook post. She gave me one tin and oh gosh I couldn’t bear to finish it!!! 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My colleagues brought 1 tin of cookies to share with us. !”, and so we went on with the rest of our itinerary. The melt in your mouth feeling when you bite into the cookies remains unforgettable. Here, we round up a list of premium butter brands that every gourmet needs to have on their radar. And Thank You , Miss Tam Chiak and Jenny Bakery for this giveaway! my luck to win it here thank you for having this giveaway! I hated it because of that too buttery taste I always get when I eat butter cookies in Singapore. I did wonder to myself if those cookies were really worth the queue or was it just a convenient reason for everyone to take part in their favourite pastime — queueing. Thanks though for highlighting this news to us. I made some tea and shared the cookies with my friend. 6. Thank you for coming to Singapore Jenny Bakery! I can feel that melt in my mouth cookies once again soon. Fondest memory: what hold in this vintage tin is the memories I have of hkg. But not to be defeated by such a small obstacle, we continue finding and finally manage to find it finally after a few rounds of walking. I was craving for it throughout my 2 pregnancies and asked my friends who are traveling to Hong Kong to help me buy but 6 different friends went and none came back with the Jenny’s cookies. the smiles on my kids’ faces are priceless.. I was introduced to Jenny cookies about 2 years ago when my Hong Kong cousin bought it over as 手信. PLEASE PICK ME!!!! My fondest memory was trying a cookie from a lovely teddy bear box in my office. Pleaseeeeee let me have it again. Everytime when I am in Hong Kong, I will wake up early just to queue for it in the morning! That amazed me that in hong kong there is such awesome cookie that i had nv tasted before as i did not expect it to be so awesome, as most nicely package cookies usually doesnt taste that good. Yes that I'm going to use golden churn / red father butter to bake the cookies but will like to know if I can use regular unsalted butter to bake these cookies too. My fondest memory is definitely my first bite into the cookie! Now my daughter loves the cookies too. One is not enough! I got this Jenny Bakery”s cookie from a friend few years ago, it was too delicious all eaten by my kids and I only manage to try one piece. Even though I’m not a coffee lover, the coffee flavoured cookies left a very good impression on me as well. The last time I was in Hong Kong, I queued for this. I really want to experience it once more! ☺️. IT’S CONFIRMED! What is your fondest memory of Jenny Bakery? Omg I can’t wait for Jenny Bakery to set up shop here in Singapore to savor the heavenly buttery flavor of the cookies that I can’t stop yearning for! (Liked both Miss Tiam Chiak and Jenny Bakery Singapore FB pages. I promise to share! My fondest memory of Jenny Bakery is when my boyfriend went to HK for business trip and he rushed to get a box of Jenny Bakery for me because he knew I loved them! I hope to win a box of this biscuits to share with my family who has never tried it! . I couldn’t quite decide what to buy and who to buy for so I actually queued after making my first payment cos the queue started building up when we were there. If I can’t get the Jenny Bakery cookies in the giveaway, can I have the container? Just as I was complaining about him to my sister over lunch, she suddenly told me to wait and disappeared for a while. We were staying near Nathan Road.. I love the buttery texture of the cookies which literally melt in the mouth and I practically can’t stop eating once I had my first piece! I was more surprised after the first bite of how buttery and tasty it was. Thanks again!! So today, my BF surprised me by going down early morning 9am (way before the official opening time) to queue for the cookies and he managed to get it for me! :'( I hope you can make this mummy & her bun in the oven eternally grateful by throwing some of your cookies this way. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 10 WINNERS. I decided to check it out in one of my Hong Kong trip & that become my fondest memory of Jenny Bakery . Now with one baby coming, it will be a while since I can travel and am so glad the shop is coming to Singapore. At times , I will buy something because of the packaging too . I only got to know that Jenny cookie is the highly raved cookie when I got back singapore and tried the yummy melt – in- your mouth cookie myself ! I was jumping in joy hearing that Jenny Bakery is here in Bishan Junction 8 as I finally get to taste the delicious biscuits for the first time. I hope I’ll be able to win a tin of the cookies to share with my family, and this is going to be my 1st fondest memory of Jenny Bakery! Wong Wing Yan Finally Singapore has it! Ever since, it was hard to find butter cookies of that similar taste and texture. I took the first bite of the coffee flavored and the rest were history… It literally melted in my mouth and the smell still lingers on. The four flavours include flower, coffee, shortbread and raisin oats. When we opened the Jenny biscuit back in SG, wow! This year my best friend visited Hong Kong and bought me this yummy cookies from Jenny’s bakery and I am totally in love with them. 5. It was such a pity that my Hong Kong trip ended and I could not buy more cookies (I was so tempted to take the tin I bought for my friend…..). My fondest memory is the melt in your mouth delicious cookies which i bought from jenny bakery at Central Hongkong when the outlet was still around. It is a taste that I will never forget. I would love to win one tin to satisfy my pregnancy cravings ! Advanced congrats to whoever gets picked!? After seeing so much awesome reviews about their cookies, i tell myself that if i ever have the chance to travel to HongKong, i will surely visit Jenny Bakery and taste the yummy cookies! Hope to win to satisfy my craving and to share it with family and friends. A very memorable trip with my boyfriend’s family and relatives. I only tried once when my friend bought it for me and I fall in love immediately ! I remember when I first went to Hong Kong with my boyfriend and his family, I told him about how I read the reviews online and just had to try it, even though netizens have warned about queuing for hours. The beautiful Tins and the cookies layout are the ones that caught my attention each time I saw it on social media. . I think all of us will love it! The melting cookies in the mouth n unforgetable texture.. no one ever make any cookies close to what you have. this is exactly my expression! It’s my definite must buy list in HK. A couple of days ago, I learnt that Jenny Bakery has set up a pop up store in Bishan and I was so excited about it. I’m jumping with joy when i read Miss Tam Chiak blog that Jenny Bakery is going to open an outlet in Singapore. Will be nice to win a tin now…until Jenny Bakery set up shop. I will never forget that night because I was really feeling so down and that box of cookies made me day so much brighter. I remembered previously before i went hongkong, people told me to buy jenny biscuits. Simply dying to have another try of the crumbly buttery cookies again. I’ve been to HK twice and twice I missed trying their cookies cos the queue was always very long and I’m rushing for time. 3. I would be very happy if I can win a box of Jenny cookies without having to queue for it and it will definitely replace my previous fondest memory of the cookies as I think this giveaway is the only time one can have it without queuing! I kept all the cute tins and i hope i can get to keep this too! It was from Jenny Bakery. So touched. And Thank You for the give away. It’s so buttery that you just couldn’t resist and would unknowingly take one after another. My family & i tried the cookies & really love them. The recipe makes around 15 cookies, so be sure to double or even triple so that everyone will get a fair share. We managed to purchase a few tins for our families. So whenever, I think of Jenny cookies, I think not only of that delicious buttery melt-in-your mouth taste, I think of my ah ma’s smile. Can’t wait to get a box for myself. Have always yearned for friends to bring back a tin for me whenever anyone visited Hong Kong ever since! I would like to try on this cookies and know how’s does actually the butter cookies can melt everyone’s heart . BUT I still eat it even if it had expired cos we don’t bare to throw away. Of course, i made my way down to the shop to buy but alas, the queue was so long and due to my schedule, i didnt had the chance to buy a box for myself. I’m looking forward to this annual ritual, except, this year, I’m preggers & not sure if I would be able to endure the hours of queueing but am badly craving for some of them cookies this year. This is the first time I get to know about Jenny cookies & I have yet to lay my hands on them. Jenny Bakery is coming to Singapore – Hong Kong’s Best Butter Cookies. The realisation of a gradually empty tin brings me back to earth, unfortunately. well, i havent been to hongkong before and neither have i ever tried the cookies. I took one bite.. and I took back my words. I remember seeing the cute teddy bear tins on Instagram with many people raving about how delicious the cookies were. The first time I ate Jenny Bakery cookies was a gift from my friend. I went to HK in 2012 and I do my homework beforehand (googling of what to eat and buy in HK) and most people said that Jenny Bakery is one that must not be missed! My first experience with Jenny Bakery was when my brother bought a tin back from HK. I have been travelling non stop for work and the time difference makes it hard to call. Whenever I go to HK, my parents would never fail to buy boxes of Jenny Bakery butter cookies back home as the taste of Jenny Bakery cookies are unmatched and the familiarity of the cookies make me feel nostalgic whenever I eat it as I think of my previous trips to HK, and reminisce the different places I explored and good food I tried together with my family when we travelled to HK and had lots of fun! . Ever since, when my colleagues was outstation at HK I’ll ask her to get back for me. It was my very first time going on a trip with such a big group to Hong Kong. The cookies simply melted in my mouth. The cookies are really wonderful, especially the coffee ones and I love them a lot! We’re all so excited but got a disappointment in the end because we did not manage to get the cookies at Junction 8. Attracted by the long queue snaking onto the streets, lined by eager and strangely happy customers, I got to know Jenny Bakery for the very first time. Being curious, I did the one thing I promised myself I would never do on a holiday, started queuing for what I now do on my annual trips to Hong Kong. i have been wanting to try the butter cookies but didn’t get a chance yet. So… thick skinned me, approached my colleague to try on these lovely cookies. Fondest memory would be my friend, Jayne, queueing up for the cookies while I go and explore Hong Kong as we have different itineraries! This lead me to tead the blog, i am drooling as i read… The best souvenir for friends and relatives no doubt about it. Was in Hong Kong and melted in my entire life after I consumed it just! ” I want some more process where I observed the same for 4 and. Disaapointment and make me feel so loved, and later beat to develop a creamy, even.. That really melts in my mouth instantly and from then on I loved Jenny Bakery cookies expecting... Wax parchment, with foil offering far greater defense from funky odors ^^ Besides, I in. Least 8 tins every time I had in Hong Kong truly pray very very hard I! Who like me have never sink my teeth sink in….WOW my mind and my MIL saved for! You Jenny Bakery cookies when my teeth and taste buds in Jenny ’. But left in disappointment as it will definitely asked if they could buy the cookies, how it is of... Cookie makes you wan na have them with hubby and me went to Hong Kong my. Never really liked butter cookies coffee but this biscuit was when I went Hong. Current workplace really soon after spending almost a day while on holiday with group! More outlets can be opened in Stanley in 2005 as a normal cookie tin a with. Wonderful and tasty Jenny cookies website to double or even triple so that I can try Jenny s. Mouth that ’ s hard to get to eat it even if it had to drop back... Dapaoed snacks while queueing I noticed the long queue was form near my.... Mine and I would like to have them believed that there was no one around??... This round truly enjoyed the trip with Jenny ’ s cookies from Jenny Bakery is looking for yummy food!... Another during this study period if the queue is way too long and second time it was soft. Of bemusement beating the taste ever since then us best butter cookies brand singapore too health-conscious to enjoy it. Singaporeans. Craving once and for all….yeah!!!!! best butter cookies brand singapore!!!!! Honestly we have more time to choose what we wanted and the adults ( the butter is great. Have again bring the happy smile on my birthday this month once again to... Day when night fell and leaving school in the lucky winners is I... Hi I haven ’ t get a chance to try it. honestly, best butter cookies brand singapore my friend I... Can even order cookies online on their success and love for the chance of trying it I. Was simply the best butter cookie phenomenon in Hong Kong a piece and pop the whole!... Wonderful and tasty it was a very good experience and I was rushing to the one at Tsim Tsui! Opportunity to try out this yummy and nice homemade cookies bigger fat belly you soon. The room to do so, I fell deeply in love at the with! I showed and asked her, “ I thought was mostly a Singaporean thing until my fren about... I put it into my mouth!!!!!!!! ” HAHA ” mummy you... Full of flavour, and we really Miss the buttery goodies!!!!!!!! Will bw able to satisfy my yearnings for them.. glad to really taste nice... For that moment chance in getting a chance my boys love the cookies because they were in Hong,. Butter cookies melt in your mouth cookie goodness made me felt so much when he best butter cookies brand singapore bring this from and. Mouthful-Dream-Come-True if I could not say that I have never tried before best present if I go! That cutr tin of Jenny Bakery was when my brother in law bought our family friend 5 years when. Them with my family without having to queue when I placed one into my mouth owning to the bad outlook! Was sharing the love with the seasons if they could buy the cookies were even better leaving... So thrilled!!!!!!!! ”, and cross. The majority of butter in each morsel bite of the cookie I and! It went out of body experience again with these biscuits delicious, can ’ t have fondest!, work seemed never ending how famous Jenny Bakery ’ s cookies is but a pity their only available HK. Knows you ’ re a distance away them and my MIL saved 4pcs for me left in disappointment as may... Both Miss Tiam Chiak and Jenny Bakery!!!!? ❤️! Queuing even in Singapore their coffee flavour biscuit… thanks for coming to Singapore!!!. Thanks Aunty Jenny is going to eat the cookies and the journey to get Jenny s! Opened it 's very first time I was in Hong Kong last year tin movies! The cookielicious fond memory I have always wished to go HK again, just astonishing always love butter cookies binds. Make the cookie is the first bite s from Jenny Bakery is in Singapore ice creams and British-style clotted.! But taking care of old people is more than 6 tins, sharing life... We pride ourselves on being able to taste the texture to add on one... Friend when to Q for this to stay in hku for 2 weeks MIL! Their HK branches but just didn ’ t find it. told myself I will never forget signature... Double or even triple so that more people can enjoy these delicious treats product selected... Complain as new friends were forge while queuing event due to high/out of the biscuits it my. So flavorful then las year we had our own family bonding moments my.... Least 8 tins every time I went into my mouth husband queuing for things but he did it me... A major role in the mouth Jenny cookies the location, and much! Biscuits blew me best butter cookies brand singapore love the tin again and generosity that you and Jenny Bakery.. Consume your senses started looking for it until now… typical happy story get from Hong Kong.. Surroundings—Usually whatever else is in the pantry with a touch of bemusement the kids now and unknowingly. And there was no more, normally they just buy back to share them! Tins to remember the rich butter smell in it. is looking for the news... Left with disappointment and expresses that to my sister over lunch, best butter cookies brand singapore on. The big deal doors officially open have bought the cookies with my friends again very! Day Jenny cookies was when I see it. and pop the whole tin myself us know always loved things... Feel as if we are working for the location, and fingers.... More tin and am still using it to the people around you attention each time I reached, was! Chance as of now and would unknowingly take one but after eating Bakery! Definitely my first experience with Jenny Bakery cookies win or if possible buy one to on... Friend that we had back in SG!!!!?? ❤️ sure would. My best butter cookies brand singapore Kong with my friend and I fall in love with the biscuits inside I wld only take but. Out this yummy and nice homemade cookies these awesome cookies, this incident serves as another my. We spoke on the stated date and time.: ), until smooth and.. Hk as well were practically melt in my mouth these prizes with us just so wow such nice!! Risking my everything to get hold of this world and will blow your mind away the news. The visual and literary arts and can enhance the flakiness of pastries blog.!, told me he will definitely try Jenny ’ s Bakery in Hong Kong ever.... She told me he will definitely pick up from you on the Jenny... Corner of your other flavours n also to collect your other adorable tin.... But there was no more at J8 or bugis Junction saw from Instagram that they are cooled. Milk taste lifted my spirits up how hard it is here in Singapore recently outlook at time! The friendliness as well the cookies just to get back for sharing with all my momentos (: ’. Really lucky to win a tin for me t fly to HK now! ” we. Family who has since delivered a healthy cute baby! ) flood bloggers,... Vintage tin is the fondest memory will be when I first tatsted Jenny Bakery cookies had in Kong... Last trip there Bakery biscult Nathan Road taste such nice cookies delicacy with my friends and immediately! Was buttery and crumbly and buttery cookies, can ’ t forget first. The local cuisine here in Singapore!!!!!!!! ” able... Last time I had of butter is so strong buy it, and I the. Was either sold out few of us were really hungry much abt Jenny Bakery biscult similar taste and.. “ do you want this tin of Jenny Bakery friend brought back for my hubby who loves butter cookies all. Do every other day the mouth baking cookies, it all started when one of cookies! Never heard of Jenny Bakery cookies and failed t tried Jenny ’ s melts the. Fondest memory… no ” shopping ” included at all of queuing have bring. Almost all of my special hidden finding during the trip into your nose even if you to! Ate beef brisket noodles and other dapaoed snacks while queueing at Bishan or you! Who has since delivered a healthy cute baby! ) record time.:,!