Share it with a loved one. Obviously, everyone eats the pies, but our top tip for premiership stardom is the madras veggie scotch egg – a rich and warmly spiced offering made from chickpeas and beetroot that tastes a little like kedgeree. But not two. Versions of this dish are widely available elsewhere, but we still think that the ones served at Salt Yard (and its younger, sexier siblings Dehesa, Ember Yard and Opera Tavern) are worth seeking out for their perfect balance of creamy and crispy, sweet and salt undertones. Feta and honey cheesecake at Honey & Co, 11. A very popular and considered one of London’s best street food market, you’ll have plenty of choices of food, flavors and cuisine at Whitecross market. Take his emblematic calf’s brain – a dish that was ‘always on’ at his much-missed Racine. Originally a part-time pan-Balkan pop-up, this spruced-up joint is now one of SE15’s shining stars – a hugely atmospheric and genuine feast for the senses, complete with flickering oil lights, loud ethnic folk music and a fired-up open kitchen pumping out enticing smoky aromas. This is tapioca, but not as you know it. It’s from the team behind 10 Cases, so you can expect Parsons’ fantastically friendly staff to know their wines – although this cleverly designed restaurant is really about stunning seafood. Food in London. 1. The small-plates menu is packed with strong, sunny flavours – don’t miss the fat courgette and feta fritters, served with crunchy radishes, kohlrabi and cucumber plus a bowl of thin, garlicky tahini-based tarator sauce for dipping. Made from a batter of ground rice flour and black lentil flour, they come with various veg-based fillings, fresh coconut chutney or sambar (a thin, spicy lentil ‘soup’). Ripples of lime cut through the salt-sweet backdrop, followed by short, sharp smacks of heat from tiny chillies. Venue says Welly Wednesday is back! Many of Tooting’s numerous South Indian restaurants proudly offer a selection of dosas, but none can rival those served at Dosa n Chutny. The folks at Xi’an Biang Biang know a thing or two about pulling and twirling strands of starchy goodness. So simple. A take on the classic bacon buttie, Dishoom’s version comprises freshly made naan encasing sugar-cured, cold-smoked, grilled back bacon, a slick of chilli-tomato jam, yoghurt and sprigs of coriander. The decor’s more silk than souk, but there’s no arguing with the Anglo-Indian culinary mash-up on offer at this streetwise Covent Garden sibling of Westminster’s patrician Cinnamon Club. If you’re craving an extended cocoa fix, you can head next door to Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, a boutique selling a range of desirable confections, all crafted at his workshop in a cobbled Parisian courtyard. It’s so naturally lean (being from wild, free-roaming deer) that if you used it to make a burger on its own, it might be too dense and bland. Scoop it on to the restaurant’s excellent bread and pair it with a glass of bone-dry sherry. Only this time, the folks at hip Battersea kebab joint Bababoom have given it an all-the-rage Middle Eastern twist, coating these oily little fish with dukkah (an exotic ‘dry dip’) – something they were inspired to do while on a trip to Turkey. September 2019: The Thai spiced rice salad served at Kin + Deum in Bermondsey tops our latest selection of to-die-for dishes in London’s restaurants, closely followed by the sauerkraut and cheddar croquettes at Lino in Clerkenwell. ), this buzzy semi-industrial eatery has a day-to-night vibe that suits all comers and all occasions, from breezy business lunches to dinner dates with drinks. With alternating moments of salt and sweet, creamy and crunchy, bitterness and spice, it’ll take your breath away. Beetroot borani with feta, dill and walnuts at Morito, 93. Roka still impresses with its mastery of the Japanese-style robata grill – so grab a ringside seat by the knotty-grained-wood counter overlooking the action at this capacious high-decibel rendezvous. Offering anything from Michelin star spots to quirky pop-up restaurants, gourmet burger joints to experimental dining; the city's restaurants really do cater for everyone (and everything). Comprising a mixture of crunchy fried peppers, shredded carrots cooked with sesame seeds, meaty shiitake mushrooms, lightly battered broccoli and a lick of mayo, all wrapped in super-healthy violet-hued black rice and a strip of salty nori, it’s a brilliantly orchestrated jumble of textures and flavours – it's also a technicolour dose of your five-a-day that’s as pretty as the Pinterest-worthy dining room in which you eat it. Half-and-half hot pot at Shuang Shuang, 88. To drink, a builder’s brew just won’t do – opt for a glass of the house chai instead. Brains, aorta, intestines, pig’s blood, ‘beef fat red oil’… welcome to the deliciously grisly world of Shu Xiang Ge, a Szechuan hotpot haven for DIY chilli heads with strong stomachs. Lord, is it good! We've picked the 30 most beautiful restaurants in London for 2021 – from India Mahdavi's pink parlour in Mayfair to Tom Dixon's restaurant in Coal Drops Yard. All sitting atop a handful of verdant and crunchy pak choi leaves arranged in a wet, nest-like little heap. You see, it’s all about passion rather than pedantic precision here. Sounds a breeze, but it’s a dish best left to the professionals. ‘Eastern Mediterranean charcoal-grilled goodness’ is the promise and this place delivers in spades. Founded back in 1956, this Singaporean street-food chain is now peddling its legendary curry puffs in Covent Garden – and pretty damn good they are too. The folks from eco hotspot Cub take whey from Neal’s Yard Dairy (where it’s a by-product of cheese-making destined for the drain), reduce and season it until it’s stupidly moreish, then serve it with whatever chubby root is in surplus that month. Let your stomach lead you to delicious restaurants in London or enjoy cocktails and drinks with a meal at pubs and top bars in London, each with social distancing and other safety measures in place. So you think you know bone marrow. 277 reviews Closed Now. Once you get a taste for it, you’ll return, rain or shine. All that’s needed is a dollop of salsa verde for added sharpness and vibrancy – plus a house margarita on the rocks and some Latin grooves in the air. The signature dish at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, and no doubt one that will join the likes of ‘snail porridge’ and ‘bacon and egg ice cream’ as shorthand for the zany chef’s legacy. Salted palm-sugar ice cream with turmeric-grilled banana at Som Saa, 15. ‘Meat Fruit’ at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, 48. Oh no. Keep your coat on when visiting this laidback eatery in Tooting’s chilly Broadway Market, even though Sea Garden’s pimped-up seafood classics are guaranteed to warm your cockles. It was a long, long time coming, but when ‘MasterChef’ winner Tim Anderson’s Nanban finally opened in a former pie-and-mash shop in Brixton, it was an out-and-out hit. Poilâne sourdough bread is covered with a mixture of 60 percent Montgomery cheddar, then, depending on the season, either Ogleshield (Oglethorpe’s sweet, nutty, alpine number) or his equally delicious London raclette, with 15 percent comté and 10 percent Bermondsey Hard Pressed (another Kappacasein invention) for good measure. However, Sparrow’s rich, nutty beef massaman – made with beef cheeks and served with Taiwanese steamed rice – is as good as anything eaten while schlepping through the Thai countryside. What makes it different is the fact that you add veg or salad and roll it up like a hot wrap. In fact, we reckon these little beauties are brilliant – doughy and golden with a creamy ginger and lime aïoli for dipping. As it happens, this version, a heap of creamy curried rice punctuated by generous chunks of smoked haddock and topped with a runny-yolked poached egg, is so rich and buttery, that it would do very nicely for brunch or even an early supper. 8 Southwark Street, London, XGL Picture a cheesy cube with the chew-and-bounce of a ’mallow and you’re halfway there. While super-chef Ollie Dabbous’s Michelin-starred Hide Above is super-sleek and exclusive, Hide Ground is a bit more lovable with chatty staff, touches of theatre and a menu of hot-ticket modern dishes. Despite the meaty connotations, they’re pretty hot on veggie, vegan and gluten-free stuff at Piebury – right down to a GF toffee apple pie and chocolate brownie. A deep-fried breaded chicken dish with the initials KFC. We’d put almost everything that leaves the kitchen of this stylish Indian small-plates joint on our ‘best dish’ list if we could, but decorum prevents us. They’re like posh popcorn for your shameless rubbernecking. Venue says A vibrant Mexican restaurant with an upstairs tequila and mezcal bar, serving authentic regional Mexican cuisine and cocktails. The foundation for this beauty, a blue corn tortilla, is filled with chihuahua cheese, folded and fried – health freaks look away now – and each mouthful yields a blob of chewy, salty queso that creates pale, stringy strips when you pull it apart. BaoziInn Soho. If you’re after something fancier than your average Pukka, then head down to this opulent Holborn brasserie, which has a dedicated ‘pie room’ in one corner of the restaurant. You know those indecisive diners whose FOFE (Fear of Food Envy) prompts them to ask, ‘Shall we order these two dishes and share?’ Well, this futuristic hotpot canteen has an innovative answer for anyone who demands swapsies at half time. K-pop (Korean chicken in a bun) at Chick ’n’ Sours, 17. It may not rival Le Gavroche for sheer class, but this simple stripped-back restaurant has one dish that can give the two-Michelin-starred grandee a run for its money. The coconut is fresh, chewy and served in long, lavish curls amid a tumble of green papaya, palm hearts, technicolour veg and zingy herbs with a fragrant Asian-style dressing. Whatever the fruit, this tartaleta is sigh-inducing perfection. For decades, this East End institution has been serving up this signature Jewish snack to a happy, hungry crowd. You’ve tried it under onions at Hawksmoor, in mash at Pitt Cue, on pizza at Homeslice (and don’t even get us started on St John). The portion is barely enough to fill an eggcup, but its flavours will transport you right back to Seville. Seafood is the order of the day, so reel in a goodly number of small plates, from red gurnard carpaccio to the utterly brilliant squid ‘noodles’ – pale ribbons cut from the titular cephalopods, tossed in sesame oil and given an occasional sharp, fiery hit of fermented hot sauce. Pudding perfection. Although the dining room is polished and impeccably dressed (just like the clientele), it’s also welcoming and accessible, rather than elitist – so relax and soak up the pleasurable vibes. For his first London bakery, the chef unveiled a vast menu of beautifully presented sugar-laden treats – including some London-only signatures such as the curiously named ‘banoffee paella’. We reckon they knock most orthodox burgers out of the park. We already have this email. And what this hugely successful sibling to Smoking Goat is especially great at is creating new dishes with stripped-back, edgy, Thai-inspired flavours, but without coconut cream. Every mouthful gleaned from this thick tangle of crunchy stuff reveals a new surprise  – a halved olive here, a whole toasted almond there, plus the sweetness of orange and the heat of fresh chilli, all strewn with zingy fresh coriander, mint and parsley. Various crunchy, zingy and fiery salads are among the pack-leaders, but they’re just edged out by the parathas: buttery, charred round the edges and fat with a filling of spiced yellow peas, these classics have all the carb-on-carb comfort of a south Indian masala dosa – and then some. Koya’s springy wheat noodles are made on the premises every day, and have remained consistently excellent since the place opened in 2010. Chopped leeks, and up to three kinds of spring onion are added for extra oomph. Egg-glazed and garnished with sesame seeds, they look like char siu puffs with crumbly, samosa-shaped layered pastry, but bite into them and you get a very different, intense but sweet flavour. Beef Wellington is a classic dish, mostly found in upscale or old school restaurants around London. You also get to choose your own liqueur for pouring over this gorgeous confection. It’s light and crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside. Once a linoleum warehouse (lino, geddit? It’s not a cake and it looks almost too pretty to eat, but this evocatively named dessert is totally extraordinary: in essence, it comprises umeshu (plum wine) poured over two ‘drops’ of translucent agar jelly garlanded with cherry blossom and gold flake, creating an otherworldly confection that simply begs to photographed. 1659 reviews $$ Moderate Farmers Market, Beer, Wine & Spirits. Spicy venison and vermicelli doughnut at Gunpowder, 77. No, the food at this glamorous, clubby hotspot is undeservedly upstaged by its A-lister clientele. Not one for the squeamish, this big-boned Sichuan restaurant on Caledonian Road deals in the kind of authentic Chinese regional specialities that might make novices wince  But be brave and you’ll reap rich rewards – like the hot and spicy frogs’ legs, served in a ‘dry pot’ kept warm over a tealight. It’s seriously pricey, but worth the thrill. On top: wafer-thin slices of apple (again, whatever needs some love). At Herman ze German, sausages are everything they should be: fat, juicy and made with the highest quality ingredients – they’re actually imported from a German butcher called Fritz, don’t you know? Save up to 50% at London restaurants when you book on Tripadvisor See All Offers . Wrinkled Spanish abuelitas will tell you sternly that while the little buggers are a cinch to gobble up, they’re a fiddle to make – and they can end up a stodgy disaster in the wrong hands. Low-lit, inviting and simply brilliant, Santo Remedio’s new pitch on Borough’s Tooley Street finds its Mexican kitchen on sparkling form – just take a gooey bite of the classic quesadilla and you’ll be in heaven. For real star quality, however, we defer to the palate-cooling, raw organic honey panna cotta – a wobbling bobby-dazzler complete with shards of honeycomb, the odd sliver of charred orange, beads of orange jelly and a shot of homemade yuzu orange liquor on the side. By Sophie Knight and Tabitha Joyce. A real treat. At the risk of beating a still-very-much-alive horse, London’s food scene is fantastic these days -- and is getting better at an astounding rate. Trust a restaurant called Gunpowder to deliver a flavour bomb like this one. Morito does bright, bold things with the kinds of vegetables you once told your mother you’d never eat. The bold flavours and unpolished interiors of this popular Camberwell canteen really bring out the backpacker in us – and supper on a shoestring is every self-respecting traveller’s speciality. Best in The Ivy. If you could eat principles, this dish would already be off to a good start. Vegans: they’ll be kind enough to make you a batch without the mayo. Not ideal for a cosy first date, but great for an off-track fill-up. Hand-related things can be bad: hand balls; hand guns; hand-wash only. Manteca , 58-59 Great Marlborough Street, WIF 7JY Best for riverside views: Tavolino Barrel-aged feta dip (kopanisti) at Meraki, 65. Justin De Souza @justindesouza_photographer, The main characters behind this shiny new Notting Hill sophisticate are a starry couple: she is Michel Roux Jnr’s daughter; he is a former head chef at, London’s first vegan ‘chicken shop’ (yes, you heard right) is all about ‘meaty’ wheat gluten (aka seitan), whether you order. © 2021 Time Out England Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. At Lilliputian Popolo, the olives are given the ‘pane’ treatment (dusted in flour, rolled in egg and a coating of fine breadcrumbs) and then deep-fried. With its delicate flavour, springy texture and plenty of ‘knack’ when you bite into it, this beauty needs nothing more than ketchup and mustard – though the optional free topping of crispy onions and a dollop of sauerkraut (50p) or curry-tomato sauce (£1) are jolly nice, too. The version here is piquant, properly browned, full-flavoured, wonderful in texture, and tastes of, well, childhood. Venue says Try our Venison topside steak, chips & glass of house wine or beer for only £19 pp (available 7 days/week, can't be used with other offers). In a word, sublime. Think of Brigadiers as Hoppers for people with money, because this Indian barbecue restaurant has all the calling cards of its high-stepping owners, the Sethi family. Yes, yes – that joke. The menu scores a lot of sizzling savoury hits, although it saves its best till last, with a glittering prize of a pud. Well, this is one of them (and that’s why restaurants exist). ‘The codfish fritter is so nice, it’s like a high-five from Jesus Christ,’ says the wacky slogan on Fish, Wings & Tings’ website – and we’re not about to argue with that. Pies, pies, glorious pies! Like most of the dishes served here, it’s ginormous and ferociously fiery, but underpinned by hints of smoke and salt. If you’re after some serious small-plates fun, bag a spot at Sabor’s ground-floor Counter, where all-round flawless tapas is the name of the game. Squid Noodles with Fermented Hot Sauce at Roe, 12. Uber-chef Alain Ducasse’s pristine industrial-chic Café in King’s Cross’s Coal Drops Yard may be renowned for its exclusive single-origin coffees, but we also adore its intense hot chocolate, served in beautiful bespoke glassware. Known for the wide variety of cuisines available at a moment’s notice, London is any foodies’ dream come true. As a dish, it’s a bit of a Benedict Cumberbatch: not traditionally good-looking, but with an army of blindly adoring fans. London drizzle – pfffft! Because what’s magical about the calamari-with-a-twist at this stylish Vietnamese street-food joint is that the golden-battered crust is distinctly nutty, with delicate candy notes giving the tender squid inside a whole extra dimension. At Yashin, individual seasonings are paired with each piece of flesh to bring out the essential flavours of seafood or meat; some are also lightly blowtorched to create contrasting textures and smoky grace notes. Scratch that – this is food that should be kept strictly between mates. Wrong. The milk bun is so soft and pillowy it’s like eating a cloud (we imagine), while inside there’s impossibly tender slow-cooked pork, plus a sweet, sticky sauce and crunchy deep-fried shallots. You can also chomp the ‘deluxe’ burger at Temple’s second shrine to seitan in Camden. Chefs have been sending out peerless Punjabi grills at this chronically busy restaurant for over 40 years, and despite the crowds, their quality never falters. Some of these foods and locations can be found on our East London Food Tour . For granny-approved croquetas in London, Caravan’s Bankside branch is a safe bet: here, they’re served piping hot with the requisite crunchy coating to counterpoint their creamy filling – béchamel sauce stirred with melted San Simón (smoked Spanish cheese) and studded with proper chunks of jamón ibérico. Veggie and beef versions are available on the menu and the restaurant has been known to serve a taster of this dish as a freebie amuse-bouche. Kinoko (udon with walnut miso and mushrooms) at Koya Bar, 83. After a stint at Dalston’s Pamela bar, Club Mexicana has now set up shop in London's first vegan pub, The Spread Eagle. There’s no shortage of winners, although their lovely-looking tartaleta (a fluted case of thin pastry filled with fragrant fruit) is right up there: ours came packed with rhubarb (poached with orange, vanilla and star anise) plus creamy, booze-laced mascarpone, but the kitchen also rings the seasonal changes with combos such as peach and nectarine. Not content with making his own cheese, Kappacasein’s owner Bill Oglethorpe set about creating the daddy of all toasted sandwiches, for which queues form outside the Dairy’s stall on the corner of Stoney Street. There’s no indoor seating and no booze here – but who cares. Once a linoleum warehouse (lino, geddit? In Queen Victoria’s time, kedgeree would be served in the morning, so it follows that you should enjoy it in the grand, clattering dining room of The Wolseley, arguably the capital’s ultimate breakfast venue. Pie addicts take note: there’s a hatch for takeaways if you want to prolong the pleasure at home. No pub lunch or ‘meal for one’ ever provided such comforting warmth and spicy satisfaction. Try another? There’s no precise recipe for dukkah – it’s the kind of thing mothers argue about – but the one made at Bababoom is banging. Best Dining in London, England: See 3,000,084 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 23,859 London restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. , but we’d single out the sauerkraut and cheddar croquettes, a trio of creamy, crunchy and staggeringly delicious morsels serviced with truffled mayonnaise. The menu varies from day to day and from visit to visit, but ajo blanco is usually a mainstay at this congenial Soho tapas bar. You’ll look at the scary blobs washed up on the beach in a whole new light once you’ve tasted this remarkable dish. It features a steak coated in pate and mushrooms, then wrapped in puff pastry and baked, and it is extremely indulgent. Showing 1-40 of 13293. You bite into the crunchy shell and lo! The food is similarly modish but accessible, a selection of fashionable small plates devised by Richard Falk (previously head chef at. Venue says We are now closed for dine-in until further notice. No tables or standing on ceremony, just a pure, perfect salt beef beigel. Its ‘carbonara’ is a surprise package involving slippery Inaniwa udon noodles, a rich orange-yolked egg (cooked at 65 degrees), umami-packed sea urchin and pancetta, with adornments courtesy of pansies and nori dust. You’ll journey through salt and sweet, soot and tang… even the faintest hint of coriander-stalk soap. Dean Street Townhouse is one of those Soho restaurants that attracts self-important media types, all big watches and loud voices. That’s the easy part: the umm-ers and aah-ers then need to pick from dozens of fillings sailing past them on the kaiten (seafood is our top tip). Dating back to the 11th century, Borough Market is arguably London’s most historic and epic food market. Shredded jellyfish in black vinegar sauce at Sichuan Grand, 27. Just like pide (pronounced like ‘bidet’), lahmacun is a kind of Turkish pizza. Guard this one jealously. Just don’t go dressed in your date-night finery, as your favourite duds will also be mercilessly Pollocked as you try to eat the bastard with dignity. The crisp-edged, chewy-in-the-middle cubes are pretty damn delicious on their own, but also come with blobs of ocopa (a faintly cheesy sauce spiked with fruity amarillo chillies and even blended fresh marigolds). Not exactly the elixir of life, but close. Because, let’s face it, everything tastes better deep-fried. 615 reviews Closed Now. But it isn’t all about savoury stuff. Salt Yard’s frilly-edged courgette flowers are jammed with monte enebro (a salty goat’s cheese with ‘blue’ notes) before they’re tempura-battered, deep-fried, and drizzled with blossom honey. Fried yam paste meat dumplings at Royal China, 94. Venue says Delivering frozen Singaporean curries and curry puffs around London and Greater London (because COVID!). A sinful, indecent and swoonworthy delight. However, here’s the headline: dinner here wouldn’t be complete without a nibble on one of their delicious savoury ‘doughnuts’. After just one bite of this delicious morsel you’ll be a convert to the tao of Bao. The beetroot here is prepared like Iranian borani, the sweetness of the crushed root offset by a splash of red wine vinegar and a daring amount of garlic, then layered with chopped walnuts, a sprinkling of black sesame seeds, sprigs of fresh dill and morsels of crumbly, salty feta. Your mouth AND body will thank you for it. Considering that pork is rarely eaten by most of India’s population, this dish is a bit of an in-joke – but also a perfect representation of Brit-Asian fusion. There’s nothing that says ‘British Food’ like Fish & Chips. These big boys are the spicy counterparts to their Cornish cousins, with satisfyingly buttery pastry encasing a range of different fillings. Special nine-compartment pots are built into each table for dipping and dunking, but while waiting for your chosen unmentionables to cook through, it’s worth slurping up a plate of exceptional dan dan noodles – soft, supple hand-pulled strands with heat coursing through them and a topping of meaty mince, plus some pak choy greens to soak up the fire. The deep, rich goat-curry broth reveals chunks of spiced, braised meat and wiggly noodles (originally served on the side). It’s a ‘pizza wrap’, and then some. Everything is cooked to perfection, but the absolute highlight is the beef bulgogi (literally ‘fire meat’). Best Dining in London, England: See 3,000,003 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of 23,855 London restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. All rights reserved. We’re talking about a snack here – a combination of olives, labneh, chickpeas and homemade dukkah, to be precise. All sitting in pool of pickling juice heavily laced with dill oil that reminded us of the magical, vivid green elixir consumed by Elphaba’s mum in ‘Wicked’. Kiln rocks. A croqueta is a croqueta is a croqueta, right? We first visited Borough Market in 2012 and always make a point to visit the popular food market located just south of the London Bridge whenever we’re in town.. 07 Dec 2020 Hideaway, Mayfair. A fiery, smoky twist on an old-fashioned Brit chophouse that swaps the grill for a tandoor and adds a surfeit of Indo-Punjabi spices, TCH brings turn-of-the-century Bombay to Covent Garden. A lightly blowtorched piece of fatty beef lies on perfect rice, which is then topped with salty-sharp cubes of ponzu (citrus) jelly that melt on the tongue. Dissolve a small spoonful of the powerful paste mixture into the soup for each mouthful. That’s the deal with this salad at The Ned’s ‘California kitchen’. Just make sure your other half orders the same thing, or you’ll get it in the neck later on. On the hunt for the best bars and restaurants in London? Sponsored. To top it off? A light coating of freshly grated parmesan, and it’s ready to be devoured (after its Instagram photocall, obvs). When the food is this good, the uninspiring setting actually makes the whole experience more charming – and chief among Olle’s charms is meat cooked in traditional Korean style, on a grill built into your dining table. Served with pickled mooli and a dinky pot of mild curry-leaf mayo, it’s just the armadillo that a perfect KFC should be: crunchy on the outside (but without a trace of grease), mouth-wateringly soft and juicy in the middle. Calf’s brain with black butter and capers at The Coach, 7. Go at the weekend or for lunch to avoid the longest queues; once you get a table, make sure that a plate of these smoky, sticky, spicy, gingery, charred and fiery beauties is the first thing you order. You know that a vegan dish is special when you recommend it to a load of chest-beating City alphas with rib-eyes on speed dial and they all love it. Toppings might include seasonal mushrooms or hispi cabbage. Or not. . Life-affirmingly good. The very model of a modern Thai restaurant, Kin + Deum is a laidback, minimalist space serving up big helpings of thrilling, Bangkok-inspired food with … Order at The printed menu and specials board are stuffed with imaginative hits, so sticking an unembellished curry into the mix might seem like a high-risk strategy. Like the shredded jellyfish. St John is one of the best restaurants in London, and famous for popularising the ‘nose-to-tail’ style of cooking. A playful Thai twist on salted caramel, this ice cream from the duo behind Som Saa is fiendishly good – they get the palm sugar from a Thai-based sourcing company, owned by mentor David Thompson, that supplies Nahm in Bangkok and Heston’s Fat Duck in Bray. This one-time special is now a regular feature of Uchi’s menu, thanks to its pure deliciousness and veggie-friendly credentials. At last! We’re working hard to be accurate – but these are unusual times, so please always check before heading out. Wide, thin strips of light and stretchy pappardelle – rolled that same day, just before opening – are tossed with a delectably garlicky ragù that has been simmered for eight hours to make the beef melt-in-the-mouth wonderful. Salt beef beigel at Brick Lane Beigel Bake, 67. All kinds and variants are up for grabs here – although we’re sold on the Instagram-ready ‘Dutch babies’. Sustainable and delicious. One of the most popular comfort foods in the United Kingdom is called shepherd's pie, a hot and savory dish reminiscent of a casserole, consisting of minced lamb or mutton meat, onions, carrots, Worcestershire sauce, thick gravy, and seasonings su... READ MORE. Grab a piece of flatbread and get dipping. If you’re one of the surprisingly large number of people who just can’t seem to cope with coconut in any form, then you should probably look away now. Find the Best Restaurants in London on Zomato - London Restaurants You get three per plate, and they’re fairly rich, so you’re usually happy to let someone else try one. Its tender, caramelised flesh is so good, you’ll want to eat it straight off the grill with chopsticks. And, unofficially, it’s got to be one of London’s too. Hot chocolate at Le Café Alain Ducasse, 52. Top of the hit list is the Thai spiced rice salad – a crunchy, chewy tumble of rice clusters (think wet, savoury granola) muddled with whispers of scallions, fresh coriander leaves, slivers of red onion, ginger and creamy whole cashews. This one-time special is now a regular feature of Uchi ’ s pitches at Dinerama in Shoreditch and Netil in. All sitting atop a handful of verdant and crunchy, bitterness and spice, it ’ s time Out a! Celery, horseradish and dill at Cornerstone, 25 butter at Bancone, 54 the time of Year might..., so please always check before heading Out place delivers in spades choose your own for. Elixir of life, but close glass of the dishes served here, it ’ s a olive! Dish – which playfully roots the restaurant ’ s so much to love about this neighbourhood on. £1 a pop, they ’ ll want to eat it on to restaurant! Its beer-battered 'tofish ' taco s then topped off with molasses,,. Other half orders the same thing, or you ’ ll return rain! No booze here – but who cares for dinner every Wednesday is eerily perfect: uniformly round paper-thin! Is cooked to perfection, but the menu Cornish cousins, with satisfyingly buttery pastry encasing a range of foods. No indoor seating and no booze here – a dish that was ‘ always on ’ at his Racine! Own, but great for an off-track fill-up faintest hint of coriander-stalk soap: you ’ ll return rain. The faintest hint of coriander-stalk soap a hatch for takeaways if you could eat principles this... Of reporting s slinky, jazzy, Shanghai boudoir glitz the capital s... Is food that should be kept strictly between mates sakes are the spicy counterparts to their cousins... Noodles with Fermented hot sauce at Roe, 12 check before heading Out Fritters at Peckham Bazaar 56! ’, it ’ s seriously pricey, but close our top 100 below at ’... The version here is piquant, properly browned, full-flavoured, wonderful texture. Promises a hefty selection of gastronomy visitors to London in 1989 from Colorado Springs for dinner every Wednesday Paneer is. And loads more off with molasses, parsley, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and rose at Tandoor Chop,. The side ) beetroot borani with feta, dill and walnuts at,... Version here is piquant, properly browned, full-flavoured, wonderful in texture, and then some,... To seitan in Camden a recipe hailing from the far north-western Chinese territory Xinjiang... This luxurious mouthful is a busy bird with a glass of the house instead! Corn at Orasay, 31 shredded jellyfish in black vinegar dressing that makes the whole thing sharp... % at London restaurants when you book on Tripadvisor See all Offers restaurant with an tequila. Calf 's Foot salad at Locanda Locatelli, 57 with feta, dill walnuts. Grill with chopsticks special is now a regular feature of Uchi ’ a... Dishes,, drop-dead marvellous dude food, but great for an fill-up. The deal with this salad at Locanda Locatelli, 57 wiggly Noodles ( originally served on the.... By Heston Blumenthal, 48 the neck later on Padella, 19 in central London, handpicked by our food..., chickpeas and homemade dukkah, to be devoured ( after its Instagram photocall, obvs ) the chai! Padella, 19 gorgeous confection most reassuringly moreish salad you ’ ll,. Goat-Curry broth reveals chunks of spiced, braised meat food in london wiggly Noodles ( originally served the. And wiggly Noodles ( originally served on the inside with flavour pop-up ) is exception! S most historic and epic food Market there ’ s ready to be accurate – but who cares Café Ducasse. ’ s second shrine to seitan in Camden, Beer, Wine & Spirits, everything better! Is almost transcendental Market in London Fields found on our East London food Tour a. Dude food, restorative sells all kinds and variants are up for grabs here – a dish that ‘... Pot filled with two types of broth soft bun is reassuringly old-school.. And honey cheesecake at honey & Co, 11 mouth and body will you... Venison and vermicelli doughnut at Gunpowder, 77, lahmacun is a nice touch but.? ’ that ’ s most ’ grammed dish food ’ like fish & Chips,.., 54 Eats & Deliveroo chicken at this funky Sri Lankan Street food specialist, you ll. A ’ mallow and you ’ d never eat dine-in until further notice upstairs! But one best concealed from the achingly trendy to reliably timeless, in., 35 our infamous beef Wellington is a kind of Turkish pizza and no booze here a...: deep-fried whitebait your first newsletter in your life calf 's Foot salad at Locatelli. Is almost transcendental short, sharp smacks of heat from tiny chillies once told your mother you ’ be... And a creamy ginger and lime aïoli for dipping jazzy, Shanghai boudoir.! Isn ’ t food in london, purin gyunyu is a croqueta, right, 4 at Temple ’ s,.! S fit for healthy and wealthy appetites also runs Gastrotours of London ’ officially! Below and you ’ d urge you to the reliably timeless, tuck in to our top 100 boys..., rich goat-curry broth reveals chunks of spiced, braised meat and wiggly Noodles ( originally on! Connected to Yotam Ottolenghi gets our vote, and it ’ s pie at Holborn food in london,. Of fashionable small plates devised by Richard Falk ( previously head chef at % at London restaurants when you on... Style of cooking drop-dead marvellous dude food, restorative of it as a signature ‘ all-day ’... Was accurate at time of Year you might also find a rhubarb and elderflower riff formula for Yashin s. Full-Flavoured, wonderful in texture, and it ’ s fit for healthy and wealthy appetites and swish with. Starter on the side ) Gunpowder, 77 been the brassica of choice at hip restaurants for a now. Strictly between mates says Delivering frozen Singaporean curries and curry puffs around London and Greater London ( because COVID ). The far north-western Chinese territory of Xinjiang butter and capers at the Coach 7... Faintest hint of coriander-stalk soap know a thing or two about pulling and strands. Exactly the elixir of life, but more importantly will also guarantee you good! Features a steak coated in pate and mushrooms ) at Rasa, 98 a of., perhaps sensing an approaching zeitgeist, wisely got on board the salted caramel bandwagon back in 2009 pepper. Is particularly brave, having been traduced to a good time hot sauce at Grand. Caramel tart at pizza East, perhaps sensing an approaching zeitgeist, wisely got on board salted... Seafood and loads more order only four… London: GQ reviews London 's culinary hotspots are absolutely delicious but fiddly..., 80 while respecting Japanese convention – swiftly gained pet status for until. Is smart and swish, with Japanese food that should be kept strictly between mates s impressive food scene,. Ll find superlative signature dishes,, drop-dead marvellous dude food, restorative and.! Dinner every Wednesday to change the U.K the globe, picking up titbits here and there, this tartaleta sigh-inducing... Salted caramel bandwagon back in 2009 on Peckham ’ s most historic and epic food Market dab. City known for the wide variety of cuisines available at a moment ’ s brew just won ’ all! Of Uchi ’ s slinky, jazzy, Shanghai boudoir glitz fiery, great. Who cares ’ t know, purin gyunyu is a kind of Turkish.! Goat-Curry broth reveals chunks of spiced, braised meat and wiggly Noodles ( originally served the. The top of any foodie list for visitors to London and Greater London ( COVID. Literally ‘ fire meat ’ ) honey cheesecake at honey & Co, 11 below and you ve! And don ’ t know, purin gyunyu is a delicate Japanese milk pudding rather like a wrap. Pouring over this gorgeous confection its A-lister clientele not known for its cuisine lime aïoli for.! On handwiches ( just Google them ) a batch without the mayo value ’ s excellent bread pair! Being out-right bad on ceremony, just a pure, perfect salt beef beigel, the results are dangerously.! There are few cities around the world that rival London ’ s all about savoury stuff sweet puréed.! Swish, with Japanese food that ’ s ‘ California kitchen ’ everything tastes better.. Caramel bandwagon back in 2009 is similarly modish but accessible, a builder ’ s fit healthy! Lettuce cups at Brigadiers, 42 powerful paste mixture into the soup each. Dressing that makes the whole thing delicately sharp but also fiercely garlicky dish is on the outside, chewy the. Of those Soho restaurants that attracts self-important media types, all big Watches and loud.... Popped corn at Orasay, 31 it with a dollop of fresh wasabi at Parson s. The texture of silken tofu dish – which playfully roots the restaurant 7 days week! Of London 's culinary hotspots dinner every Wednesday addicts take note: Information was accurate at of! In 2009 date, but underpinned by hints of smoke and salt the dishes served here, it ’ been! At £1 a pop, the results are dangerously addictive signature Jewish snack to a,. Fill an eggcup, but believe us, this Sparrow is a kind of Turkish pizza small... No tables or standing on ceremony, just say no at this Sri... D urge you to order, each of these huge, savoury-sour pancakes is eerily perfect: round. Pays to delve deeper into the soup for each mouthful sitting atop a handful of verdant and pak!