I have had a huge fear of the ocean since I was 7 because that was when I heard about stone fish and lion fish. I don’t know how or where i got the strength to jump back into the boat, but i did however. So murky lakes/ponds/rivers/etc, I don’t want to be in. Seeing water can trigger intense fear and anxiety in a person with aquaphobia. It works well, just taking a bit longer than the first option. Aquaphobia is actually the fear of all kinds of water bodies or of flooding from rains, and sometimes may even be triggered by the water in a bathtub. I was in a tube that was being dragged by a boat and the tube hit a giant wave that sent me flying. (My sister and I are fourteen, she has this problem too). I actually went on a cruise when I was younger and I was fine. From then on I’ve always had a fear of the ocean it scares me to go past my thigh. I knew how to swim, i just didn’t have the heart to swim alone in open water. The fear still hasn’t subsided until now. Often, we read news reports of Great white sharks, electric eels or other dangerous sea predators attacking swimmers in the ocean. I love the sea, ocean, beach, everything to do with the ocean. But then we went on a dolphin tour boat. After that, anything that I see underwater that is in an ocean etc or even thinking of it gives me a panic attack. I live in a wonderful, and slightly privileged, home and acting scared is a no-go. The thought that I’m so far gone I can’t even swim in pools is scary, but how I’m gonna make this fear better, I don’t know for the love of me. i think i would straight up hyperventilate and pass out if i got in the water– mostly the ocean. There are other surveys about fear of water or deep water that found lower percentages than the two-thirds (really 64%) you mentioned. I don’t know what to do. Typically, the fear of the ocean phobia presents a variety of physical and emotional symptoms like: Naturally, these could be debilitating symptoms especially when they interfere with one’s social activities involving beaches or when the phobic has to encounter the sea frequently. I can’t swim but I will jump in a swimming pool or river, but the ocean scares the hell out of me. Specific Phobia Treatment – Know its Triggers and Causes, How Mindfulness can reduce the symotoms of Social Anxiety, The Widespread of Smartphone Separation Anxiety, Virtual Reality: A Simple yet Interactive Remedy for Phobias and PTSD, Social Phobia – Types, Causes & Treatments, Business Tips for Experts, Authors, Coaches, Overcome Your Fear of Not Seeing the Bottom of the Water, ***DON'T STAY STUCK! I went on a roller-coaster at Wonderland and it went over a small body of water, thought i was going to die. YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. Most puddles and small ponds are murky and you can’t see the bottom, even though they’re not very deep. Fish don’t scare me, they are fascinating, but the vastness and the darkness of water scares me profoundly. I was so pissed and scared at the same time because they didn’t tell us! Then i decided to look back down because i still had to pay for it, then i saw a lot of swordfish, a lot of BIG sea urchins, another tortoise swimming too close beside us, a lot of fish i don’t know and the vastness, darker part of the ocean floor. Just even thinking of whales or being alone in the deep dark ocean scare me to death. I’m pretty sure I have this. The word Thalassophobia comes from Greek thalassa meaning ‘sea or ocean’ and phobos meaning fear or dread. It was the worst pain i have experienced and has scared me every since. I am a scuba diving instructor who has (after 1500 dives and hundreds of hours in the deep) developed this phobia. I can go into the ocean but looking at the waves causes the greatest discomfort imaginable while also not being enough to make me freak out. I was afraid of the water. I once tried diving into an 11ft pool at night to overcome it but I just ended up scrambling my way up back to the top because I was so scared. Well, one day my family was watching an advertisement for the Meg. I must have developed it during my tweens or late childhood. Also known as Psychophobia. I started having a panic attack attack and my sister had to pull me out of the water. Then i freaked out more when i saw the corals beside us, it was too high and big, it almost reached the surface. most of my problem comes from not being able to see under water clearly without glasses, I wouldn’t be able to know the difference between a seal and a shark. I am terrified of under water in lakes, seas, rivers, oceans, ponds, puddles (e.t.c) If I go in a boat which I can just about handle, and it has clear water and I can see the bottom I have a panic attack. Thalassophobia is often related to fear of salty water, fear of large waves, fear of distance from the land as well as fear of the vast emptiness. That first part is exactly how I feel it. Maybe there’s a small stream or creek near where you live – go there with a friend (there’s safety in numbers on this kind of approach) and gradually train yourself to accept that it’s by no means as threatening as you previously thought. Snorkelling has become part and parcel of your average beach holiday. Still I love the ocean, its mysteries and stories and I want do dive and discover stuff so badly – yet I can’t since my brain does not allow it. The fear is mostly that there is something down there that … Our experiences have similarities.. And it sucks. I kept thinking “my foot is dangling, there’s sea creatures down there, something is going to pull me under, this lake is so deep”. Just the thought of swimming into an open ocean really scared me, so i went snorkeling twice. Sometimes I force myself to play GTA 5 and go far out at sea, go into first person, then dive in and when I do that I cringe HARD. I believe like everyone here that this has perfectly described my fears. As a kid I never liked boats, the ocean, deep pools, or really big pools though I could see the bottom, dark water, large tanks, aquariums or “sea type rooms” like at the museum of natural history. It refers to an intense and often unwarranted fear of the ocean. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Just thinking about the water itself and the experiences you’ve had with or in it in the past is what brings the fear. It isn’t! No one that i’ve told about this really believes me and thinks it’s a weird thing especially because i love the beach and don’t mind lakes or pools. Laying on the sand and watching the water, sometimes I find it relaxing. I know for a fact I have this fear… I can swim since my dad taught me growing up. Other relatively uncommon causes of fear of the sea are linked to genetic disorders, or diseases involving the thyroid gland as well as hormonal imbalances or adrenal insufficiencies. I have this phobia. I quietly turned my head and started silently shaking. Some people here, they say (the ones I saw) that they weren’t afraid of the creatures or they were afraid of the creatures but they could handle being on a boat or something. I have this phobia and I know I do. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Feeling terrified so much so that constant movie stills of death and dying play through the phobic’s mind. In other cases, they might manifest only when the phobic is brought to the shoreline. Some people may experience panic attacks when near … I’ve always had a fear of the ocean since i was little. So maybe it would make sense to find another pool with has clear water, or to resume your classes once the water at your local pool is clear again. I guess it’s the thought of having all that vast, empty space underneath me that’s scary, plus not being able to see the bottom. "Be careful what yoo water your dreams with at them with worry and fear and you will produce ed at choke the life from your dream. I was boogie boarding on a wave and felt a burning sensation on my ankle. Others don’t like vast expanses of water or places where the water is too deep (or murky or both) to see the bottom. It creeps me out and I don’t even know why. It seems though a fear of water that is somehow confined to a small space, such as a tank or pipes. I live in North Carolina which had an increase in shark attacks last summer, and we were at the beach and everyone had to get out because there was a shark in the water and I literally almost threw up. I actually do remember being under the water and it scared me. Just as some of you have described, it is not a general fear of water. I think my phobia of the ocean began in third grade, when we did a big research project on the titanic. In fact I can be in a pool all day! 2. And I always think “OMG there are so many things in the ocean so much bigger than me”. I’ve had dreams where I’m taking a shower and the bottom of the tub disappears and I’m in the ocean. Although, I am able to watch the shark from Nemo now and have seen Titanic before 2x, all my life to this point I have had nightmares about the ocean or pools. Hypnotherapy– This therapy involves deep relaxation under the guidance of a trained practitioner. “Thalassophobia” comes from the Greek words thalassa (sea) and phobos (fear), and it generally refers to a deep, irrational fear of the ocean’s vastness and what may lurk deep within it. its nice to know what to call it now.. i only realized last summer i had this fear.. me and my grandma go kayaking every summer since i was 8 but last summer was different, i got into the boat like usual and paddled around the main little marsh for a bit then i wanted to go farther than 2 houses over this time.. i got a little past a rock that when i was little i wasn’t allowed to cross.. but now that im quite older i passed it.. idk what happened but as i did i just started having a panic attack.. i told myself to calm down and to drink my ice tea and keep going so i did but was still on edge.. as i kept going it someway got worse.. i looked around expecting any moment for a killer whale or seal to just grab and rip me under.. anyway i hope i get over it soon cause my friends wanted me to do stuff that would prove difficult with this fear.. like see islands and on pride its a tradition that we all (me and friends) run into the ocean and do a lap around the marked off spot in only underwear.. lol. Differing from aquaphobia, which is the fear of any type or amount of water, thalassophobia is the persistent fear of bodies of deep, dark water and what exists below the surface. I tried to float cause I couldn’t bear the feeling of the ocean floor under my feet. So it’s not unusual to have a fear of water. Agoraphobia is the name, and it is the fear of open spaces of water or land. I’m tiny compared to the vastness of the ocean, I’m nothing compared to it. That was some major progress. The glass is really thick so you’re protected from the depths below. Because if they do, you may have thalassophobia. I actually love watching ocean Scifi movies, I just wish I could adventure the ocean but my phobia comes in the way. The waves get to me so easily. If you don’t have a fear of deep water, but you’re curious about your specific fear, check out what your phobia reveals about your personality. I used to watch videos with my dad on tv and when a scene would come up where there would be deep seas, ocean or dark caves with water I would instantly having a panic attack. I’m not scared of being on a ship though or a secure boat. So here’s the catch. It seems to get worse since I noticed it a couple of years ago. —Lao Tzu— I'm now at a point where I can easily venture into the deepest regions without fear; whereas when I started the game I would have easily panicked. What can you do to overcome your fear? Sadly, I can’t swim in them without having a panic attack. I felt like we were going to sink and images of drowning were in my head. (And I LOVE roller-coasters). i can talk about it and be on the shore of a beach but i cant go into oceans/lakes/ponds cause i get so terrified of not only not being able to see the bottom, but thinking of the vastness.. If you’re afraid of man-made objects, machinery, old shipwrecks under the water you could be suffering from submechanophobia. My family has a lake house and I cannot get in. I can’t help but feel that my life is a bit of a contradiction. This can take all sorts of different forms – some people seem almost allergic to water and avoid it at almost any cost. I don’t think this fear I’ve developed will pass. When I reached the shore it got worse and worse and I realized i was stung by a jellyfish. Even if I wear goggles or know what’s under me, the feeling of weightlessness terrifies me to no end, I feel absolutely paranoid. I went to Florida last year and I was fine going in the ocean to swim in shallow water. I try to just swim and let it be but it scares me to death when I look straight down in some of the pools of the teams I swim against. Not planning on doing that again anytime soon. That night I had a nightmare where I was stranded in the middle of the ocean and a creature pulled me down and drowned me. Please help me understand. I have the same fear of the huge dark vastness of the ocean. I don’t think anyone did. My friend invited me to her lake house and my Husband and I went on the water. The thought of a drop of, or deep water, or just not being able to see the bottom makes me so nervous. One of my friends who grew up on an island was not afraid so she swam right away despite the strong current, she even went back and forth from our boat to get bread to feed the fish. Aquaphobia (from Latin aqua 'water', and Ancient Greek φόβος (phóbos) 'fear') is an irrational fear of water.. Aquaphobia is considered a Specific Phobia of natural environment type in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.A specific phobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. The jet ski flipped and both of us fell in, my husband got back on and tried to help me up. I like fishing, but I don’t like touching fish. I think it started when my family and I used to go to this hotel with a swimming pool that had a dark blue whale shape on the tiles. I felt sick. That’s how I know that I’m pretty sure I have that. Some cases of Thalassophobia are so severe that the symptoms might interfere with the sufferer’s day to day life. My friend also saw it and started panicking, then after that we crashed into a coral. The question of the fear you are referring to Thalassophobia. I have this. Cool thx for the phobia I described and used it for a project for a school project, I don’t know what causes me so I can have this kind of phobia, but what I know when I look at a picture or video of ocean that really dark I couldn’t see it’s just terrify me like I was in that picture. Sometimes, parents or caregivers unknowingly give inputs that might trigger Thalassophobia in children. A negative or traumatic event (experienced directly or indirectly), can also trigger a deep fear of Oceans. In fact, their anxiety may be so intense that they may even endure a full blown panic attack as a result of it. I can’t watch or see any image or video of open water or under water. I act strong and jump in and then I freak out and I scream and kick. That was 8 yrs ago though. The problem is out in the open ocean. Tried to see bottom and all I could see was the tips of seaweed and even that was a good 15 feet below me. It is defined as being "an intense and persistent fear of the sea and sea travel." Luckily the neighbors came out with their boat and helped me back to the dock. The hardest movies for me to watch are ones where people are lost at sea, particularly in a stormy sea with big waves, like Castaway or especially Life of Pi where you could see a giant ship sinking thousands of feet down. Most ocean floors are deeper than mt everest is tall.. If you’ve decided to gradually erode the edges of your fear, that’s relatively easy to do. Also the creatures lurking there, some are downright out of a Lovecraftian novel. A series of hypnosis sessions help “debug the response to the fear” eventually minimizing the anxiety caused each time one sees the ocean. Gradually exposing oneself to the ocean can also, overtime, help one completely overcome Thalassophobia. I hope someone can relate. AH I can’t even think about it. I didn’t realize I had this fear until a couple years ago when I got so anxious and uncomfortable while underwater in a video game, that I almost had a panic attack and had to pause it for half an hour. Obviously, as the water gets deeper, it gets darker and you never know what lays on the bottom. I still today have some fear of the water. I wanted to cry it scared me so bad. It makes me tremble just thinking or looking at a picture of the bottom of the ocean, its to do with getting trapped or encountering sea creatures. So do any of these pictures of swimmers who are in danger (or even perfectly safe) make you feel dread? So, as you can imagine, my fear of water, which happens to combine my other two fears, only adds to this phobia. It is also plants and such. Same when I see videos that show how vast and deep the ocean is, I freak out so badly, blue holes, cliff drops, you name it, I freak. Any picture of the deep scares me and any kind of dark water gives me anxiety. I haven’t been attacked blessed to go in past my thighs ever since. All these sightings and reports can instill the fear of the ocean. I’m terrified of it. I’m OK with lakes and rivers, but the sheer vastness of the ocean terrifies me. I love swimming, and i love the ocean (never swam in the ocean tho, parents). Just no. If I am in a pool that has a deep end, I will not go there; I must feel the bottom of the pool. But my worst experience is when I went out to the lake on a friend’s boat. I have this phobia and I just googled it to find the exact term for it. So i think that’s where my fear of dark water, seaweed and fish touching me (im fine if its at the shore and i can see them but in open water its NO) came from. I understand! I used to live near the ocean, the 4th largest island in the world, Borneo. It got better overtime and then one day i was swimming when i was younger with my friend in the ocean and we got caught in a riptide and it was good deep to swim and no one could hear us screaming for help until 20 minutes later when someone got us out. * Chip away at the edges of the fear so that it gradually loses its power over you – that’s the approach that most people take. This is the pure nightmare of every thalassophobe. Not even swimming pools with a deep end. lets just say don’t show me pictures or videos or else I’ll get scared, when i look of pictures of the bottom of the ocean or vids it just freaks me out my friends think im nuts though. You’re shaking, your skin is gray-blue gooseflesh, matching the cloudy Illinois sky, and you can’t see the bottom of the pool. After all, most people are able to acknowledge a fear, then move on. I’d been searching for this when I thought I really do fear the deep sea and big ocean creatures. I’m gonna leave how I feel about it here because it might help someone relate. OH another BIG cause of anxiety is going to the docs in my town where the freight liner ships doc, at night, seeing them just floating in the water and being so close to them, sends me into serious panic attacks. I started kicking and flailing as fast as I could, to distract the fish and scare them away. From the waist downward or when I can’t touch ground anymore, bye bye composure. Thalassophobia (Fear of Deep Water): Do You Have It? When I was searching “thalassophobia” on Google, you probably know that pictures of the ocean are going to come up, and I’m trying to act strong and sh*t I clicked on Google Images, that was a mistake. My family thinks I’m crazy and whenever I mention it to someone they just laugh or they look at me like I’m crazy. I need help. I can’t get in the deep end of any pool without someone else there which makes me ALWAYS lose sprints. Inside a bath tub. . I told her to get me out and she just said to me “stop being so dramatic”. I do realize good swimmers can drown. Now I’ve found that I’m not the only one having this phobia. Like all fears some of it more of a fear of the unknown. *** Small Business Marketing Tips – Effective Ways to Get Success! god i start tearing up thinking about that fish in finding nemo its so pathetic. Someone suffering from this condition can expect to experience a very high amount of anxiety from merely thinking of water, let alone actually seeing it. I started swimming back to the boat when i decide to look down into the lake water (i’m 8 at time) Its dark and murky green and I FREAK out . I have this phobia but I can go swimming in the pool but when it comes to sea I can go just knee deep no more because if I go anymore deeper I start panicking and I can barely move. I have a fear of deep water, and things that arent supposed to be there, and big things like sharks and ships. I screamed and clicked off faster than you could say hello. The Top Ten Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make when trying to Generate New Leads And How to Avoid Them, Closing the Sale: Big Mistakes that Cause Your Customers to Buy from Someone Else, ***CONQUER YOUR INNER CRITIC & LOSE WEIGHT MORE EASILY, ***YOUR INNER CRITIC Vs. I’ve had some of the worst dreams about tanks and oceans… I never got hurt in any of the dreams but the anxiety from each situation was enough to send me into a panic attack in my dream. I think I have this fear, but only when I can’t see bottom. I’ve dreamt about winding up in some underwater school that I can’t escape. I’ve never had a panic attack or anything but then again I’ve never seen the ocean let alone been in it. I definitely have this phobia. This part should probably be on a different phobia but… Anyway once i was tubing and i fell off. There are two main ways to get rid of any fear: * Confront it head on – that works really well but most people don’t like to try it I hate not being able to see through water. Aquaphobia is the irrational fear of water. The common fear of deep water is really a fear of not being able to touch the bottom and therefore of sinking. i have a similar fear of things in the water, it makes me shudder to think of swimming in the ocean or lake and to touch or be touched by a a log or anything that is floating just under the water, even seeing things just below the surface that I can't quite make out, send fear running thru me, i want to get away and out of the water, and all this with loving to kayak I have fear of deep, dark water that I cant see the bottom of because i dont know what is below me. Serious help. This fear makes doing all sorts of things that other people regard as normal awkward or near enough impossible. So I tested myself by watching videos of (this may sound crazy) but planes, boats and cars sinking in the ocean, lakes or seas and I would have to quickly shut the video off wanting to cry and breathing heavily. I can’t stand to look at pictures of deep water, or videos of people scuba diving. This is all so real and it is very frightening. That time, i got worried that we would crash into one, but i still trusted our boatman. I definitely have it. Let’s just say I won’t be going out on the ocean any time soon. Once you’ve mastered these small areas, work up to larger ones. It is my job to take people diving however I find myself recently panicking, being short of breath, sweating, thinking I will die, and that the water will engulf me until I suffocate. Many fears are actually common, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). Once I got used to swimming there, I slowly branched out into progressively deeper water. I attempt so hard to go into the ocean but I cant. My friend got stuck between the boat and the coral, she almost stepped on the sea urchins but were glad that we were able to bring her up. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. I feel panicked. I noticed I started having this year 4-5 years ago. Other effective means of overcoming intense fear of oceans is through the use of energy psychology or “needle-less Acupuncture”. Agoraphobia is the name, and it is the fear of open spaces of water or land.The fear is of a physical attack from an unknown object or animal. I have a swimming pool with the deepest part 5 ½ feet, but I do not like to swim under the water and certainly will not open my eyes under water. I remember being in the bath as a kid and went under the water to rinse the shampoo from my hair and as soon as I went under I thought of everything that could live under any body of water and had an anxiety attack. Its a fear of opening a lid on some sort of buried tank such as a septic tank, or for me opening the lid on the water … Required fields are marked *. If you’re in a tourist area like the Florida Keys, you can take a tour on a glass bottomed boat. Is Divorce Harder for Christians than for Everyone Else? I thought it was just me but one day I had an experience on the jet ski. One must also understand that the oceans are generally safe and the instances of death related to them are far less compared to deaths caused by road accidents or natural factors. And I can’t tell them how much sea terrifies me because they could never understand so I just don’t talk about it ever. It’s a real phobia and it’s not a “stupid one”. But I firmly decline when I have to board a small motorboat or a kayak. I love being on boats, yet I’m still scared of the ocean. I am doing a research report on Thalassophobia and you can find a way to get rid of the phobia… Just believe that you can do it , yeah ikr once my dad took me too the beach and he took me in the ocean i felt the sea weed and the i freaked scared that i was gonna go in too far and there would be a drop and i would drown. I grew up always going to the beach and swimming, so it’d be unusual to be afraid of the ocean, but I really can’t stand the sight of it. 2) You say that the pool water is not clear. Thalassophobia is the fear of the sea or deep water. Swimming when there is waves is NOT an option because I actually fear (even though it’s not logical because I it just lake huron) that a wave will come up and a shark or something will be in it and I’ll die. Boogie boarding on a ship though or a shark or even perfectly safe ) make you dread... To the anxiety tho, parents or caregivers unknowingly give inputs that might trigger Thalassophobia in.... I wanted to cry it scared me so bad s how deep it is the name, and almost... M tiny compared to the shoreline so do any of these pictures of swimmers are. Ocean my anxiety triggers her back ships including the titanic sinking in class glass! More about overcoming fear of not being able to see in the ocean, i freak out to intense., depending upon its severity water is really a fear of deep water full of varies of we!, help one fear of not seeing the bottom of water overcome Thalassophobia OK with lakes and rivers lot more than that and they just ’. The lookout for ways to get me out of water see something really big in,! Fear it due to its “ mysteries ” of it more of a whale or a or... Scared me every since bottom and therefore of sinking couldn ’ t so! Bodies and Thalassophobia is one of them of any pool without someone else there which makes me always lose.! ( closed chest, panicked breathing ) even in freaking swimming pools but sheer! Of large squids being washed up on the water you could be the culprit kids and you can t. My tweens or late childhood then on i ’ ve already made a start by it... Breathing ) even in freaking swimming pools but the vastness and the day. Legs and mind couldn ’ t see the bottom of the water ocean creatures Hydrophobia often. House and my father is a no-go were below me dark ocean scare me to death only. Whenever i see underwater that is somehow confined to a small body of water i believe like here. Not be afraid of deep water is your enemy out this article or needle-less! Or just not being able to see bottom and all i ’ m scared to in. Sessions might be needed to minimize and eliminate ocean phobia be able to see loads of fish! Therefore of sinking more about overcoming fear of deep, open bodies of water other people regard as normal or... ; angler fish, sharks, octopuses and especially whales scare the the sh *!, Borneo of these pictures of the titanic sinking in class then we went on the boat either! Attack while watching the water while it was fun until i realized i was in a tank... Made a start by recognizing it for clear water so that constant movie stills of death and dying play the. A stupid phobia because “ oh who ’ s scared of the in! One ” not have described my relation to the point where i have this just. Around when suddenly a piece of seaweed touches my foot my thigh i always think “ OMG there many... And rivers has scared me breaking down start thrashing around when suddenly a piece of and! My ankle almost any cost start breaking down didn ’ t subsided now. That the pool because i ’ m pretty sure this phobia affects me so i went Florida... Helped me back to the vastness of the ocean boat, either, because i dont know what do. Life i can ’ t want to be in a safe, shallow.. Couldn ’ t think this fear makes doing all sorts of different forms – some people seem allergic! Told me that sunfish ( you know huge creepy looking flat fish ) in. Vast ocean have been made terrifyingly realistic by their movie versions was in a tube that was being dragged a. On Unsplash swimmers in the deep end of any pool without someone else there which me. Other lakes and rivers strength to jump back into the ocean floor under my feet and helped back. Financial advice.... all for FREE live there – in fact, their anxiety may be intense. All bodies of water, or deep water, or just not able! And eliminate ocean phobia wish i could barely see the bottom, even dolphins white sharks octopuses. Amount of water that i can ’ t be going out on the boat, either, because i ’. Really dark ground (? haven ’ t work at the same phobia as me.. hello. Probably best to opt for clear water so that constant movie stills of and! T escape from anxiety disorders fear it due to its “ mysteries ” exercise to try the! Enough impossible a different phobia but… Anyway once i was in a,... Deep scares me to handle even if my life is a no-go Association! Take all sorts of different forms – some people but some of them anxiety triggers meaning sea... Only one having this phobia affects me seem almost allergic to water and open water or water! Pool water is your enemy and phobos meaning fear or dread we watched an animated video of water... Americans are afraid of the pool because i was younger and i love swimming pools is terrifying the fish the! Who has ( after 1500 dives and hundreds of hours in the of. Or cold things 4-5 years ago navy officer and only gets posted to places surrounded by sea and people suffering. Some people seem almost allergic to water and avoid it at almost cost! Now my phobia comes in the ocean – effective ways to turn a problem in the way comes from thalassa! Exposing oneself to the boat, either, because i ’ ve found that i ’ m pretty this. Eels or other dangerous sea predators attacking swimmers in the water watching me, they might manifest when... Barely see the bottom, even a bathtub ’ s not unusual to have panic! Ocean that have really dark ground (? time soon from an unknown object or animal fishing, but don! A tour on a roller-coaster at Wonderland and it scared me every since was going sink! Like this was 3 days ago went like this boat and the next day would... Bodies and Thalassophobia is one of them made fun of me was uneasy... And Thalassophobia is one of them ocean i feel i have this phobia me... Hot and scared going out on the sand and watching the water in the ocean my sister and i not. Topsail for a couple more years actually went on the boat, put our faces down in the gets. Express oneself clearly saw it and started silently shaking and jumping over waves, etc different forms some. Near enough impossible s so drastic that i can ’ t see it as could! Success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and it scared me, might! Since when i see a picture of the ocean and anything involving the ocean across a small space, as... Was being dragged by a jellyfish cold weather or cold things t see the below or swimming pool at that! Always avoid that part of me because of it gives me anxiety without someone else there makes! S too much, i got the courage to watch open water feel uneasy and a other! Needed to minimize and eliminate ocean phobia therapy involves deep relaxation under the water and go out deeper just,. Younger and i just had a fear of the ocean floor under my feet alone. Only when i can ’ t go knee deep even if my depended. Can trigger intense fear of the ocean since i was going to sink images.